Villa Marmarine Resort-Siquijor


Sometime in 2011, my first occasion in Siquijor were merely sightseeing. We hired a tricycle driver to tour us around the island. Our tour includes a visit to the major attractions and some resorts in the province. En route to town proper of Siquijor as we headed our way back to the seaport terminal to catch the last ferry trip to Dumaguete,our driver/guide drove us to this resort.

We immediately proceed to the reception area,bought a detailed map of the province and gave a quick look at the location.

Resort Location:


The resort was filled with serenity, the drifting of the seas was tranquil along the white sand beach front on that hot and humid weather.I thought this is a good place for a break,and spend a period away from home to relax.


Earlier this year, I arranged three bookings, two of those reservation were made online but I failed to show up, due to bad weather, I was not permitted to travel and that I should cancel. The last attempt was two months ago which was supposedly an early check in. I arrive in their resort as a walk in guest at 8 o’clock in the morning . While it was not a peak season, I thought I could easily get a room without any appointment online.

At that hour, I was surprise that the rest of the rooms were occupied and the only room they can offer was non-air con. So I waited on their reception area as the house cleaners were preparing the room. Until such time that I noticed the cleaning takes so long.


Villa Marmarine is owned and managed by a Japanese national Toshito Harada who was once an elementary school teacher and been an active volunteer of Red Cross for many years. No wonder he is close to the people in that area and been helping local children. It was interesting to know that 10% of their sales are used for education of children in Siquijor. I was talking to their receptionist when I saw him(Toshito) and he greeted me with a smile. The resort was completely very quiet. A foreign guest settled on one of the tables while reading his book in front of the building, on the other end of the beach I saw some Koreans sun bathing.


While waiting, I looked around the resort and the appearance where the same I saw four years ago, though the two villas constructed before were now completely operational and inhabited.


I came back to the person at the reception and the room is sadly not yet ready, that moment I lost my patience and I don’t want to wait for another thirty minutes.


Unfortunately, I did not ended up of staying in their good resort but probably next time with proper plans and ahead reservations. Another lesson learned.

More of Villa Marmarine at

contact them: Telephone – 035 480 9167

mobile: 09194659370



Cambugahay Falls-Lazi,Siquijor


Cambugahay Falls is just one of the many tourist attractions in the island of Siquijor,located 2 km north en route of the town of Lazi. It consists of cascading multi-tiered waterfalls.

Cambugahay falls-second tier

Being the thirds smallest province in the Philippines, Siquijor can be toured in half a day by a motorbike. After a quick visit at St. Isidore Labradore church and old convent, I asked some churchgoers the way to the waterfalls. The road was easy and is accessible by car and motorbike,sooner I arrive in the area in less than ten(10)minutes. I was greeted with a very solemn environment that day, I went there as early as 7 am and there was nobody except myself,bush crickets were my only companion.

From the parking area,you need go down of 138 steps on paved rocks. I carefully and slowly went down as there were no handrails. Later, a fellow traveler went down and I notice a delightful face in him upon seeing the waterfall.


This waterfalls has multiple falls to see, the turquoise water is very inviting and lush growing ferns makes it a nice setting.It has three layers of pool,from the top starts a smaller pool and a bigger basin at the first level.


You might try to swing a rope tied in the tree and plunge into the water.Who won’t be captivated by its heavenly turquoise waters,look down and experience a perfect blend of an intimate escape and relaxation at Cambugahay.


Maayo Shipping Lines

Maayo Shipping Lines brings you closer with more scheduled daily trips from Negros island to Cebu and vice versa.

Contact numbers: 035 419 7371 / 035 400 3059 / 09177107080

TAMPI, AMLAN Port to BATO,SANTANDER Port and vice versa

  1. 4:00 am
  2. 5:00 am
  3. 6:30 am
  4. 8:00 am
  5. 9:30 am
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SIBULAN Port to LILOAN,SANTANDER Port and vice versa

Contact number: 035 419 8140

  1. 6:00 am
  2. 7:30 am
  3. 9:00 am
  4. 10:30 am
  5. 12:00 noon
  6. 1:30 pm
  7. 3:00 pm
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Coco Grove Beach Resort-San Juan,Siquijor


The Coco Grove Resort in San Juan,Siquijor made my stay an indelible overnight sojourn. I’ve been reading countless positive feed backs on this resort online and their helpful information provoked me to reserve an accommodation for a night.

As soon as our vessel docked the islands harbor and as we depart, it marked a memorable experience. The resorts transport service welcome me with a warm greetings at the seaport as the staff was carrying a welcome sign with my name written on it, a beautiful lady came out of the van and greeted with a smile. Travel time from the port to the resort is 30 minutes.

  The reception area was sincerely functional. Everyone was very polite and considerate. Another young lady accompanied me to my room. I was assigned on one of the deluxe room ( #26-follow this link for resorts map)

The room has ample space, the whole area was clean, I requested a big bed and they never fail my request, bedclothes were laid perfectly and decoratively, bathroom was neat enough, an open-air gallery can also be accessed separated by a sliding door as an extension of the unit.

Deluxe room amenities:

1.Air-conditioned rooms

2.32″cable TV bar

4.w/ back-up generator and cold shower

6.maximum capacity:2 persons

7.rate inclusive of breakfast

8.private veranda

Olympic pool behind

After taking a nap, I went down to check the Olympic pool, the sight from the veranda offers a promised of an attractive bath so I grab the towel and settled on one of the benches. Beside the pool is a nice setting of the bar which makes even more refreshing. The bartenders were absolutely very accommodating.

the bartender prepares my cocktail 😀

For beach bummers, the Coco Groves long stretch of private white sand beach is ideal for you, bask under the sun and revel the warmth of the light on the benches provided along the area.

Sagana in our local language actually means abundant

For snorkeling and diving activity, Coco Groves Tubod marine sanctuary is the right spot for you. The sanctuary is just s few steps away from the private beach parallel to it. The protected area has a diverse underwater ecosystem teeming with fishes, I’ve seen it on my own eyes.


Another spectacle sight that every visitor shouldn’t miss while in Coco Grove is to witness the disappearance of the sun. The fantastic sundown was quick then so I settled on their sunset restaurant.

Stunning sunset, isn’t it?

The property has three functioning restaurants(array of fresh and alive sea foods in the kitchen), three beautiful swimming pool(beach side pool,Olympic size and Casa Coco Pool),Gym equipment are also available,Art Studio,Diving school and Dive shop,Games room,Souvenir shop,massage center,koi pond,volleyball court,fisherman’s village and pavilion.

Ultimately, the provision of service of each crew was exemplary, everyone was attentive and kind,everyone was assiduously attending the best of comfort of their guest,and for that it will leave a lasting impression on every visitor, which I think is the most important of all. A fantastic 10 over 10 assessment I gave to this resort.



 video credits to Walter Hopkins

For more information please contact the following numbers:

Coco Travel Safaris:

035 422 9820(Globelines)

035 422 5490(Cruztelco)

035 522 1962(PLDT)

Resort Contact numbers:




Casa Coco contact details:











Mag-aso Falls and Leisure Camp-Kabankalan City


I was moving my fingers up and down on the displayed digits on my phonebook when I noticed an unfamiliar label named Kabankalan. Without any idea of who the person behind it, the foremost thing came out of my mind was Mag-aso falls.

Then I remember, he was a local in Kabankalan that I inquired before about the waterfall. So I asked him again the directions on how to get to Mag-aso falls. I don’t have much information about it but it was my last minute decision to proceed without delay. Simultaneously, I carried my load and some personal stuff and went to Dumaguete Bus terminal.

How did I get there:

Fare: Dumaguete to Kabankalan City – P 227.00(one way)

I rode the earliest bus taking north of Dumaguete bound to Bacolod city via Mabinay town. We left the terminal at 12 noon ETD. The length of travel time from Dumaguete to Kabanakalan city is around 4 hours. The bus was quite taking more time than is expected and I arrived at almost 5 pm at Brgy. Oringao juncture and to Kabankalan city proper. With no time to waste, I rode a passenger motorbike heading to Barangay Oringao en route to Sitio Dug-anon, where Mag-aso falls and Leisure Camp is situated. There were six of us in the motorbike including the driver, four local residents and myself,25 pesos was pegged per pax. The motorbike for hire or habal-habal could accommodate at least 5 to 6 people and it took us less than ten minutes as we arrive at the entrance.


The sun is already about to set that time so I rapidly went around the area,the mountainous area starts to get foggy and cold. 50 pesos where charged for admission each person.The area are covered with plenty of trees adding a relatively cool environment. There were paved concrete stairway down each hilly part with handrails. A nice man made pool is set up at the middle, the water filling up the pool came from the streams connecting to the waterfalls. There were cottages available for lease and a few room accommodations for overnight stayers. Room rates for each room is 1,000 pesos per night.


Mag-aso waterfall is just a few steps down from the pool, upon seeing the water from the falls I know for certain it is cold, there were three people enjoying soaking its chilly water when I arrived. A few distance to the waterfall is an elevated viewing platform established for visitors but one can view closer to it. There were huge boulders on its rivers streams and are quite slippery.


I took a closer look of the waterfalls and the water looks refreshing. It was just a quick visit and I regret that I didn’t bring my towel.