Sipalay City,Negros Occidental


December 25 was marked  as a general holiday among Filipinos. Thus, we had a three day Christmas break to enjoy until 27th. In line with this, I thought it would be a perfect time to spend a vacation somewhere after Christmas. I’m aiming Sipalay this time as my next destination.

Sipalay City in Negros Occidental can be reached through bus or private vehicles by two major entry points in Negros Island (Dumaguete and Bacolod City). These entry points are approximately 180 kms away from Sipalay traveling at almost 4 to 5 hours.

Daily bus trips directly from Dumaguete to Sipalay are scheduled once daily 12:00 noon but I won’t take that, otherwise, I’ll arrive in Sipalay late afternoon. Our bus departed Dumaguete bus terminal at 6 a.m., hence, I’ll take a cutting trip and ride at least three times.

Bus route and fare:

  1.Dumaguete to Bayawan City,Negros Oriental – P 100.00

2.Bayawan City,Negros Oriental to Hinoba-an,Negros Occidental – P 81.00

3.Hinoba-an to Sipalay, Negros Occidental – P 36.00

For this trip, I actually have done little planning,though I know the places I wanted to see, so I contacted a local guide prior to my trip in the name of Diosdado Peralta a.k.a Dado. He is a certified local guide in Sipalay which was highly recommended from travel blogs I followed. I even recommended him to be a guide on my colleagues trip who went earlier May last year and another group whom to  be my friends in Dumaguete.

It was quite a long and exhausting journey, I traveled two hours from Dumaguete to Bayawan City,waited 15 minutes at the terminal then rode another bus going to Hinoba-an in Negros Occidental at around an hour or so, waited another few minutes then rode again another bus bound to Bacolod City. The bus will pass thru Hinoba-an and eventually to Sipalay City. I should supposedly be in Sipalay at around 11:00 a.m. but due to road improvements en route to some areas in Hinoba-an, I reached Sipalay market past 12 noon already with empty stomach.

Kuya Dado patiently waited me at Sipalay terminal which is also very near t their public market. As soon as I went down the bus, I texted him and at once Kuya Dado approached me surprisingly, I wonder how’d he recognize me immediately?. 😀 He then recommends a room for me at Lorenzo’s Lodge which is just a walking distance away from Plaza, public market, bus terminal and their boulevard. At 600/night, the room has air-condition and ceiling fan, no TV, bed can accomodate at least two people, with mini veranda and private bathroom.

Without any time to waste and with no time anymore to take my lunch, we proceeded to our destinations. I was on-board his trike empty stomach and I only had two pieces of citrus fruits at hand and a half consumed 500 ml bottled water.

With no further ado, Kuya Dado led me to the following :

1.Islets of Sipalay

a.Tinagong-Dagat Resort


My guide drove me to this resort in less than ten minutes from main town. A hidden sea scattered with a dozen of islets covered with lush vegetation. the sea bottom is covered with patches of sea grass beds, with the shoreline lined by old-growth mangroves.

b.Perth Paradise Resort


Perth Paradise Resort is another mountain and beach resort in Brgy.4,Sitio Sambulawan area. The uphill resort and infinity pool has one of the most magnificent views I’ve seen. From the pool beholds a sight of islets characterized by verdant vegetation in its surroundings.

Both resorts have an eminently spectacular view of the islets in Sipalay. A higher elevated area among these resorts provides a panoramic and 360 degrees views of the coastal area.

2.Punta Ballo White Beach


The white sand beach of Punta Ballo is a top tourist destination among beach goers stretched to almost a kilometer, a divers haven-teeming with rich marine biodiversity. Sipalay for the information of everybody has 44 diving sites including coral reefs and ship wrecks allowing scuba diving enthusiast to explore Sipalay’s abundant underwater marine life. Public and private resorts align in the area offering one of the best diving spots in the country.

3.Campomanes Bay

Campomanes Bay is a marine reserve. It also hosts the City’s Eco port and two ship wreck sites. Both of which can be used for marine tourism. Island hopping, jet skiing, kayaking and snorkeling are the most interesting water activities to do here.

photo credit from blog

4.Sipalay Caves

Numerous caves are addition to interesting attractions in Sipalay. In fact, two of this caves(Mamara and Matlag) was included in Kuya Dado’s tour but due to time shortage and I’m not really into spelunking, we just skipped those which will led us to destination number 5.

5.Sugar Beach


It was a sweet escape to this area in Brgy. Nauhang called Sugar Beach. The tranquil and clean beach is generously dotted with coconut trees providing a beautiful natural scenery. A handful good selection of accommodations are also aligned in the area.

6.Sipalay Boulveard


There is not much to do in Sipalay headtown actually, aside that it is the major economic center of the city and a focal point of offices and meeting places of its respective government, the city’s boulevard has a wide sandy area which runs along the shores of Sipalay, another good spot to view its stunning sunset.

We managed to visit all of these attractions in four hours, the citrus fruits and 250 ml water kept me going throughout the whole tour.:-D The tiring trip was all worth it, I had an amazing time,  it was a sweet impression to this destination forever, all of this because Kuya Dado has been a very good guide. Heartily I recommend him. Book your tickets now,plan your trip. Give him a call some time 09217868615.




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