Naibid Falls-Amlan

As you all know, I am always fascinated with waterfalls; hence, my unending chase to this natural wonder shall be continued one at a time. The spirit of adventure it offers on long walks and trekking makes my happy feet enthralled leading to an exciting discovery.

A remote waterfall tucked away in the forgotten corner en route to the hinterlands of Sitio Badiang in Brgy.Jantianon of Amlan lies a multi-tiered waterfall of Naibid or Maibid.

I was anxious at first knowing that I couldn’t find any image on Naibid, I was  thinking probably its unsafe to go there.  I have tried any possible keywords that would link to any information on the waterfalls and more importantly how to go there but the phrase below is all I can see in my search results.


So I decided to contact an associate from Amlan to come along my trip. He have not reached that secluded area in his entire years in Amlan and I’m glad he is interested to see what is in there.

We rode our way to Brgy. Jantianon proper and seek help among the residents, but none of the locals we asked don’t know where it is and haven’t heard of it. 😀 Funny it is when a woman told us that it doesn’t exist in their area.

So we drove further passing through some hilly sugarcane fields and coconuts, the road is starting to get rough and the going  gets tough. Most parts of the road are rocky, the clay soils along the unpaved road are really sticky-slippery when wet therefore rainy period isn’t a good time to visit the waterfall.

We paused on one of the houses along the way where there are people we can ask. They warned us about the long-distance hike but I was very eager to continue no matter how far it is,so they recommend us to meet first with the community leader in Sitio Badiang who can also suggest a trail guide. We continued our way up until we reached the jump off point for vehicles. Seriously it was a tough ride for us.

We reached Sitio Badiang at mid morning and we are lucky the community leader was around, we’ve talked to him personally and he was very kind, there were just a few questions he wanted to know, he asked our intention of visiting the area and how did we learn about Naibid. After our chit-chat he suggested a young guy named James to be our trail guide.

James our guide was very silent when we started the walk so we build a conversation with him and learned a lot from him, to make his life story short, he was born in Cebu City, finished his 4th grade,parents left him and ended under the custody of his uncle who was from Amlan. The journey was sincerely a very loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg walk, true hiking begins after the jump off point of vehicles.The rain kept more challenging on our walk as the soil becomes slippery and muddy.

We passed through river streams and slope areas and barely see people. James advances us to an isolated settlements who’s residents are also his relatives. He lead us to a house at the bottom of the mountain where his relatives-almost of his age leisurely playing basketball. He then convince the four boys to come with us. There were seven of us now in the group, three of them were actually brothers.


More hiking we did this time, mountain slope are getting steep,more exhilarating climb, and more mountain adventure that it pushes my skills to the limits.


Naibid falls is actually a series of waterfalls divided into five layers.The topmost level has the largest and deepest catching basin, the 4th and 3rd level on the other hand has an average height with shallow basin,while the second tier has the highest drop and a deep natural pool,though the first level has no pool, the enormous water drops offers a captivating sight.

naibid 1

naibid 3

naibid 4

naibid 5th

Unlike anything else, the second tier of Naibid waterfalls holds a completely spellbinding form as I look at it. The water current drops into a sloping rock where the waters adjoin beneath forming of somewhat like a V shape.





Naibid is completely an unspoiled oasis. It was a highly worthy destination after an exhausting journey,Stunning, isn’t she?



Marina Town Dumaguete

Dumaguetes first Township Development is soon rising in this CITY OF GENTLE PEOPLE, situated along Flores avenue corner E.J. Blanco street facing Dumaguete bay. Marina Town is a Filinvest Townscape with well-appointed residences, shopping hub and hotel.

photo credit to Filinvest

Experience Dumaguete atmosphere as Marina Town hand over condo keys and open the door to your whole new living experience.

Structure details and site development plan:

photo credit to Filinvest


photo credit to Filinvest
photo credit to Filinvest
photo credit to Filinvest
photo credit to Filinvest


✔ Features and Amenities:
A. 2 Hectares Land within the City.
B. One Side Facing the Sea.
C. The best place for retirement.
D. 24 Hour Security.
E. Perimeter Fence.
F. Clubhouse and Gazebo.
G. Grand Entrance Gate.
H. Guardhouse with Themewall.
I. Basketball Court.
J. Children’s Play Area.
K. Efficient Water Drainage and Power Distribution System.


Commercial Spaces
Adult and kiddie pool,Gazebo & Clubhouse,Gym Equipments
Rooftop Lounge

Inner unit details:


2 Bedroom units layout(photo credit to Filinvest).
Studio Type Units layout
Actual Photo of Studio Type units
photo credit to Filinvest

Sample quotation:

✔Price: 1,949,200
✔ Reservation Fee: 20,000 (Deductible to the total price)
✔ Downpayment: 10% of the Total Price, Payable for 24 months.
*Monthly downpayment: 7,288/month
✔Remaining Balance
*5 years to pay: 34,530/month
*10 years to pay: 20,143/month
*15 years to pay: 15,523/month


2. 2Bedroom units(32 sq.m.)

Deferred Cash Payment

✔Price: 2,495,278
✔ Reservation Fee: 20,000 (Deductible to the total price)
✔ 24 monthly installment 1 month after reservation=P105,385

3. 64 sq.m


  1. Unit 1008 – P 7,783,813
  2. Unit 1006 – P 7,257,277
  3. Unit 1005 – P 7,257,277





✔ If you, your relatives, or friends are interested to buy/invest on this property, please feel free contact me.
✔ Should you wish to view the property, you can contact me ahead of time for a scheduled site tour. We have free vehicle available at our office.
✔ Mobile Numbers
Globe: 0926 748 3900 / 0917 962 4120
✔ Email:


Lumina Homes Dumaguete

Lumina Homes has low-cost housing units for middle income households with reasonably adequate in standard living. This mass housing developer in the Philippines offers affordable townhouse and row house models perfect for your starting family.




1.Airene Basic

Enter a caption

Airene model house. Provision for 1 bedroom, 1 toilet and bath, dining and living area.

Reservation Fee is as low as Php 3,000!

✔ House Name: Airene Basic

✔ Price: 539,000

✔ Reservation Fee: 3,000

✔ Downpayment: 4,100/month for 20 months

✔ Remaining Balance:

*30 years to pay – Php 2,280/month
*25 years to pay – Php 2,501/month
*20 years to pay – Php 2,847/month
*15 years to pay – Php 3,442/month
*10 years to pay – Php 4,664/month
*5 years to pay – Php 8,389/month


2.Airene Enhancedenhanced




 Reservation Fee is as low as Php 5,000! SAMPLE QUOTATION Bank ------------------------------- ✔ House Name: Angeli ✔ Price: 999,000 ✔ Reservation Fee: 5,000 ✔ Downpayment: 8,047.22/month for 18 months ✔ Remaining Balance: *20 years to pay - Php 6,331/month *15 years to pay - Php 7,397/month *10 years to pay - Php 9,642/month *5 years to pay - Php 16,615/month 





Minimum Lot Area: 35 sqm.

Floor Area: 36 sqm.

House Features:

Living and Dining Areas, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath, Provisions for 2 Bedrooms, Carport and Service Area

✔ Price: 894,300

✔ Reservation Fee: 5,000

✔ Downpayment: 7,049.72/month for 18 months

✔ Remaining Balance:

*20 years to pay – Php 5,572/month

*15 years to pay – Php 6,511/month

*10 years to pay – Php 8,487/month

*5 years to pay – Php 14,624/month



Reserve any of these unit now.Limited Slots only! contact me now at 0917 962 4120  or 09260748 3900



Amlan Negros Oriental

The town of Amlan(formerly New Ayuquitan) in Negros Oriental lies approximately 29 kms away en route south of Dumaguete City(province capital) next to the municipalitites of Sibulan and San Jose. This fourth class municipality has a total land area of 111.85 km2 subdivided into 8 barangays.

It was once a parish independent of Tanjay in 1848, was renamed New Ayuquitan in 1914, and became Amlan after World War II.

Typically fishing on coastal rural areas are the main livelihood among locals. Another livelihood option for rural households in Amlan are dependent on coconut and sugarcane farming. A port of call in Tandayag wharf hosts an intermediate stop for cargo and passenger ships sailing itinerary across Tanon Strait from Amlan wharf to Bato,Samboan Cebu. The province’s fuel and LPG supply is stored in depots nearby.

Now what are the things to do in Amlan? Below are the list I found interesting in this town.

1.Amlan Zoo and Adventure Park

This zoo-theme park is a joint project between the local government of Amlan and a private corporation under the Public-Private-Partnership Program (PPP). The zoo will feature some of the endangered animals in the country like freshwater and saltwater crocodiles and some wildlife species including wildcats from middle east and camels from Australia. Aside from the animals, there are also recreational facilities being developed in the park.



2.St.Andrew the Apostle Church

Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in Amlan is said to have taken 50 years to build, completed in 1853. The ruins of watch-towers against the Moro depredations of old can still be seen in Buswang and near the mouth of the Amlan River; and two others near the school building of Ayuquitan and barrio Calo.



For adventure seekers, explore the uncharted areas, riverbanks and unspoiled waterfalls

3.Pasalan Falls



4.Naibid Waterfalls