Pasalan Falls-Silab,Amlan

Many of the earth’s natural wonders are hidden from view,one of which is Naparil waterfall.


It lies on a remote area abundantly sheltered with trees in Cantalina Village, Brgy.Silab in the town of Amlan,Negros Oriental. Brgy. Silab is next to Brgy.Tambojangin  where Amlan Zoo and Adventure Park is stationed. Since I’m already close to Silab I drove my way immediately to the last sitio. Asking the locals is still the most efficient way to locate the hidden waterfall. Making sure that I don’t get lost, I always ask any person I meet in the road. Some parts of the road were still unpaved with cement but was a bearable drive.

I reached into a remote mountain slope area where there are a lot of banana plants and trees and a native house nearby. I approached the man on it and asked him the way to the waterfalls. He then pointed to a descending surface which I followed at once. In a slow pace, I move downward perceiving any sound of a gushing river stream.

Later, I was on a flat surface of a huge rock and a continuous flowing water towards a deep gorge with steep sides. I know for sure that is Pasalan falls. Since I have an ample time to explore the area, I moved further up the river stream thinking possibly I could discover a series of waterfall along.


To my surprise, I found this section with a natural pool filled with cool waters in a shade of blue and green. The water was tempting for a brief swim. I spent a little time of thinking whether to take a dip but I wasn’t sure of how deep it was  so I decided not to bathe.


On my way back, I was directed by my mind towards the way of how to move below a very steep ravine where I could discern visually the waterfall. I remembered the man I asked at the house and mentioned that going down is very difficult. Therefore, it is not impossible to reach the bottom. All of a sudden, I saw a narrow track of which I don’t know where it leads to but still I followed. The end thereof was a huge tree with huge roots attached down the bottom of the valley.


Slowly but surely, firmly holding the roots I moved down until I reached the bottom part. From there, I could hear the flowing waters of Pasalan. Finally, in just a few steps its beauty revealed, surrounded with prolific vegetation and high grounds. Now a secret no more.






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