Hinakpan hills-Guihulngan,Negros Oriental


Guihulngan town is approximately 120 km away north of Dumaguete and was the farthest so far I’ve traveled by a motorbike. I came up with a bunch of attractions to visit, which most of it was waterfalls 😀 but on top of my list is actually Hinakpan Hills.


Hinakpan Hills or Hinakpan Chocolate Hills is situated in Brgy Hinakpan,Guihulngan, around 30 minutes away from Guihulngan town proper by a motorbike.

Hinakpan Chocolate hills has a similar landscape in the world famous Chocolate hills found in Carmen,Province of Bohol. They share the same geological formations which composed of limestone. While hills in Bohol is undoubtedly fascinating and mystical as 1,776 hills scattered around the area, Hinakpan is also unique in its own way, 237 hills are distributed around the village in varying sizes and shape.

Because I came for a long travel and holding my body upright for a long time on the same position, it resulted to an exhausting arrival. For that reason, the best thing to do was to let someone drive me to Brgy Hinakpan. I was lucky when my schoolmate was in town when I contacted him. When I told him where we are going, funny it was when he doesn’t know where it is. So we left the town proper excited as it will be our first time.

We took Guihulngan-Isabela-Hinigaran road where we had a smooth drive. Though there were unpaved portions, most of it is already concrete cement. We drove uphill to an elevated area where the mountainous terrain provided the perfect canvas of nature’s beauty and God’s creation, truly, his majesty is great beyond our own understanding, his majesty were wider than the earth and the deepest of the depth, as we were moving I was in silence seeing mountains that I couldn’t reach, it was divine.

We continued driving passing Brgy Magsaysay to the uphill road of Brgy Masid-i. Prior to the areas of Hinakpan is actually Masid-i, and so were very much close to our destination.

Entrance of Brgy Hinakpan

A sight of different hills awaits each visitor en route at the entrance of Brgy Hinakpan, were the road runs through mystical hills. In the beautiful hilltop Baranggay of Hinakpan, each visitor will be gifted with the sight of unique hills. The isolated land-form comes in conical and distinct formations, some are in perfect cone, some have asymmetric curve, there are also in tower-shaped, there were smaller hills at the bottom, there were also round, I’ve seen pointed hill too and some others.




We entered the village to get a closer look of the hills, we were surrounded with unexplained setting of the environment, though I’ve been to Chocolate hills in Bohol, I can only view the wonder in one location, while in Hinakpan, I’ve seen at least three viewing decks at the summit to get a different perspective of the whole area.




At the summit, I was blown not just the view but the fresh air too. There was a portion where I could remember an exact setting in Bohol. The sight was breathtaking,360 degrees of hills drenched with greenery, we all just stood there  then decided to just spend the rest of our time right there.






Visit and discover our Negros version of chocolate hills, demystify Hinakpan today!