Kamp Aninipot-Brgy.Tacdog,Siquijor

Location: Tacdog,Siquijor,Siquijor

Discover the jewels of Siquijor province from gorgeous beaches, lush green hinterlands and irresistible relaxed pace. Venture deep in its mountain views and coastal scenery or probably set up your camp site in upper ground immersing oneself to nature’s beauty and silence.


Experience a little home base en route to Brgy. Tacdog Siquijor, just around 2 kilometers away from Siquijor seaport, Kamp Aninipot is your next getaway destination. Let’s check out its amenities and accommodation.

Kamp Aninipot is a family-friendly campground in Siquijor dedicated primarily to camping and camping related activities like mountain biking, bush and trail walking. The campground was named in honor of those lighting bug-Aninipot (fireflies) that caught the attention of the visitors as they set foot in the island.

A day tour to their area completes my Christmas break in the province. With an affordable entrance fee at P10.00, anyone can enjoy the magnificent overlooking views in town. Upon arrival, I was welcomed with its unique huts reminding me of the fantasy movie series The Hobbit. I can imagine a magical stay in the campground, waking up in the morning to the picture perfect scenery and think of that moment that you are not dreaming but in fact reality.




Hobbit Huts overnight rates:

  • P550.00/night (includes sleeping mattress and 2 sleeping bags)
  • Good for two but can sleep up to four
  • Individual fire pit perfect for chilly evenings or for roasting marshmallows
  • Maximum of 4 guests – add P50.00 per person
  • For families: up to 3 children, under 10 years old sleep free
  • Bring your own linens
  • Sleeping bags available for rent
  • No pets are allowed



Camping is the simplest way to relax on your holiday options, a chance to bond with loved ones and sleep out under the stars. Here are the rates:

Tent Camping:

  • Tent camping – P 250.00/night (includes tent and 2 sleeping bags)
  • No water /electric hookups
  • Bring your own air mattress or sleeping mat
  • Tent site only – P 50.00 for 3-4 person tent.
  • Large size tent (8 persons) – P460.00/tent
  • Extra-large tent (more than 8 people) – P920.00/tent


Hammock spot:

  • P45.00/night
  • Bring your own hammocks



Amenities and Fun things to do:

  • Mountain Bike/Walk trail
  • Bonfire/camfire
  • Toilet/Shower
  • Grill station
  • Snack bar and view deck
  • Giant picture frame
  • Flying bike

I just framed myself by its giant frame situated at the upper hall and took an awesome flying bike picture, the center view is Siquijor port, overlooking ancient trees, the ocean, and nearby islands. Sunset should be breathtaking in this spot.


Available for rent:

  1. 2-3 person tents – P50.00/night
  2. Sleeping bags – P30.00/night
  3. Mountain bikes – P20.00/hour



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