Prayer Mountain and Pinikpikan Peak-Malaunay,Valencia Negros Oriental

A foggy adjacent mountain Brgy viewed from Sitio Salantikon,Brgy Malaunay

If you don’t find me in my office desk, I am probably on a beach, if you don’t find me on the beach, I am likely running a marathon event, If I’m not on a running event, I am at the mountains. I am that person who works regularly on a corporate sphere and frequently wander on weekends or engaging into strenuous run. This has been my usual routine to keep myself busy, Work-Home-Run-Wander (repeat).

The municipality of Valencia, being mostly has elevated areas and the closest respite destination from Dumaguete is my usual landing place on unplanned day trips. Unwilling to drive long away from the city this week, two mountain summits I aim to reach en route to Brgy Malaunay.

Short on climbing skills? Enroutenegros is bringing you to this beginner level mountains almost anyone can climb.


1.Prayer Mountain-Sitio Salantikon

This mountain peak was discovered to have a solemn location by a religious group where they do some devotion early morning. It has an easy trail of about 3 to 5 minutes from the jump off area. No wonder the simple path to summit became a favorite of weekend hikers and rookie climbers alike. The first part of the trail before ascending is just like a walk in the park. Rest assured visitors will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views.







Entrance fee: 0.00000000000

Parking fee: Any amount


2.Pinikpikan Peak-Sitio Balantian


This neighboring summit is about 5 minute drive from the Prayer Mountain situated in Sitio Balantian. Though not as much known to many compared to Prayer Mountain, the topmost area offers the same spectacular views. The hike though takes longer and more challenging than the other one. Although some parts of the trail are steep, they are not considered very difficult. Your efforts will be rewarded with a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding. Aside from Pinikpikan, the Balantian swamp is also somewhere a good spot to hang out. This is a perfect place to spend a day in the mountains together with your family or friends. Visitors may opt to camp in the area.










Entrance: 0.000000000000


In Negros, rookie-friendly peaks are everywhere. Let’s start slow and low, with these beginner level mountain summits can give you a taste of what climbing expert-level mountain feels. If you are reasonably fit, you don’t necessarily need to have years of mountain climbing experience to summit some of Negros mountains.With the rise of exploring places, people are now more engage on outdoor activities, whether it’s a picnic, a bike ride, an overnight camping or hike in the mountains, let us not forget the outdoor ethics on promoting the conservation of our environment. LEAVE NO TRACE!