Dungaw Peak-Malaga, Bindoy, Negros Oriental


And so we start the year on discovering more of Negros hidden gems, today EnRouteNegros is bringing you to one of the many overlooking views and nearest locality to chill out and relax. This year will still be a series of exploring the unusual sights. Loosely defined, the northern boundary stretch of Bindoy and Manjuyod coastline specifically at Himampangon cliff crawls into the mountains on one side and bleeding into the ocean on the other. This part of the stretch of the cliff road has attractive views of limestone forms at the other side and the vast Tanon Strait on the other side including Cebu Island and beneath the craggy coast of Himampangon.

Himampangon which means cliff on a local language has caves not explored to many. From the road, further down to its lowest part when explored has some pockets of caves where some are resting place of common bats.





Furthermore, a few steps from Himampangon. Alawihaw Beach Resort is a local hangout place for beach goers. The sheltered cove has boulder beach with few native cottages, a favorite chill place among locals.



From Alawihaw Beach Resort, a certain part of the rock cliff is noticeably something people are checking out. A number of people are on top and some groups taking pictures and selfies. Out of curiosity I shall not missed myself out of the trend. The spot is situated in Brgy Malaga under Bindoy town just a few meters away from the welcoming sign of the municipality’s jurisdiction.


Locals named the spot as “Dungaw” peak. Translated in English it means “To look down”. Lazy enough to walk on a slope, I opted to drive my motorbike up as I don’t know how far and its distance I should take up to the viewing area. Visitors may drive further up to its viewing area but is limited only to motorcycles and bicycles, nevertheless, if you’d like to release some sweat then I suggest you walk.







Dungaw peak is nothing but just a viewing area, with the views of the road below curving into the form of a letter S. Adjacent to it is the top hill of Himampangon and the mountainside of Balaas Manjuyod, the other side is above sea level sight, the ocean and the nearby province, the north has still an overlooking view of the stretch of coastal areas. There’s no entrance but you may donate any amount for your parking.

Then I had to check the edge to have a Dungaw experience. The edge has pointed rocks where I carefully moved to my heel marks ended as I looked down to an appalling depth of hundreds of feet. The peak has no railings or barriers so visitors are expected to take extra precautions when going for its edges otherwise you fall directly to sharp rocks.









Summing up with the destinations I went this day, I’ve learned some stories along and underneath Himampangon cliffs, quick dip and chilled out a nearby beach then climb up for a Dungaw experience. When wandering places, and time permits I usually look somewhere interesting aside from the usual destinations, in this way, I get the chance to make my time most out of it than the usual one day one destination affair.



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