BalasBalas Beach-Simacolong,Lazi,Siquijor


One of the jewels in the crown of Philippines Best Beach Destination, welcome to Siquijor. Though considered the third smallest province in our Archipelago, the island has plenty of activities to offer. Visit some of the islands historical sites, dive to its rich marine biodiversity, chase waterfalls, hike to overlooking views, witness a spellbinding sunset, stay for a local island experience, and of course navigate secluded areas for beach hopping.

The port area is already an attestation of an amazing beach bumming experience. Aside from Paliton or Salagdoong Beach, which draws crowd most, there are a still a lot of sheltered white sand beaches left least visited.

The town of Lazi for example, is known for enchanting Balete tree and fish spa, the Cambugahay falls, and historical structures, not known to many, there is this beautiful beach I went dazzling with white coastline en route to Ilihan, Brgy Simacolong.

Being secluded, the village is not much visited unless one is bold enough to explore more what is hiding underneath its cliffs. With the aid of locals for direction, asking them will help you discover the pride of the village and see things to do around.

I drove to an unusual way passing through forested area, down to a village where most of the people were staring at me; I could tell what is on their mind. Possibly asking what I am doing in their place, an unfamiliar face wandering alone and seem like looking for something around. I didn’t mind asking them because I can navigate my current location though GPS.

From the Brgy road, I could see myself positioned not far from the coast. I followed an established route of which I think will lead to the islands silica mining facility. I had to stop along the way as I perceived a view of the ocean, the sea waves nearby was a hint that I was almost on my destination. Searching for passageways down, a native house on top of the cliff was an indication of its trail. The property was gated with metal wire but there was no one around, it has a yard planted with corns and vegetables. I was watching a local guy pasturing his cow somewhere in the area where few crops are planted. I didn’t bother to ask him because I wanted to figure out myself the way down. The first attempt ended me to bushes then to another gated property. I had to go back for I see no sign of trail. While tracing the returning route, I noticed several ways down, but I choose the easier way where they put up timbers forming into stairs down to the beach. While moving down, I couldn’t help but pause for a while and savor the view of an undisturbed white coastline. There was literally no one on the beach, it was just me.


When settled down on the beach in this tropical island, I was just in awe reaching this part, it was hot but very solemn, I could have nap there while listening to the ocean waves. The wrack line and the beach face was mainly composed of pebbles, coral debris and stones but the swash area has fine white sands before reaching a wide sea grass covered area. Both sides of the beach were a bit rocky and unique. The other side has a distinctive spot where a huge pointed rock standing on that side separating from the other stayed in position. The hottest temperature on that day didn’t stop me to explore the other side of the beach, that portion has huge scattered rocks with some sheltered areas full of smooth pebbles. There were rock holes which I carefully entered moving from one another under its silhouette.























Few moments when I got back to the main stretch of the beach, two local fishermen appeared in nowhere, we greeted each other with a smile. But before they left they reminded me to be mindful of my personal belongings. Though generally safe, the island has a number of theft cases, and most of its victims are foreign and other tourist who falls off guard on their things. Nevertheless, this island has always been a distress escape for people like me away from my usual grind.

You see, this is Siquijor. I am lucky to experience uncrowded white sand beach all by myself, completely raw and undisturbed.

One at a time, I shall return for more! 😀



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