Long ago, a happy couple decided to unite a marriage at exactly October 21,1986. A year after,June 24,1987, at exactly 2 a.m.,their eldest was born in this crab mascot zodiac-CANCER.He is the first-born child of the couple.His mama was 26 then and his papa aged 35 that time.The couple was glad to see their first son and their they named him ERWIN.

Yes,that is me.:D lol


I was raised here in Negros, studied my preliminary and secondary years here and eventually graduated my tertiary years here in a State University and acquired my Bachelors degree in Computer Science last 2008.

My first job was with a pharmacy and lasted 2 years,today,at 27, I am currently connected on one of the motorcycle dealer here in the city as a clerk.I worked 6 times a week,so I wish I had a lot of time to spend traveling but I need to work too.

Like normal people does,I do have some hobbies and interests too,not long ago,I decided to do some traveling and blogging starting around Negros province and nearby islands,I enjoyed reading some time,movies and television are my favorite pastime,I appreciate nature-it is where I can find peace and serenity, I could just sit and enjoy in a beach all day,have some drink and witness the sun rises and how it sets,I am a pasta addict,I love chocolates and everything that is sweet,I’m having a good time in cooking although I’m not that good in it,I like music too (including karaoke), and a portion of photography. Moreover, in sports I am more involved now on running events and trail runs, whereas my favorite sport is badminton and table tennis.I like arts and crafts too.

I’m no extra-ordinary person.I live on simple pleasures in life for life is better lived with simplicity and spontaneity.

More on me as I rate my personal character,social life and interest:

Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Smoker: No
Night Life: Stay-at-Home
Planning: Spontaneous
Food: I eat it all (more asian)
Music: CountryAlternative, Dance and Electronic

Travel: Adventure,City Tours,Cruises,Solo Backpack,Mountain/Alps,Beach

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