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Sulphur Lagoon, twin falls and a mining tunnel


Negros island never fails me to different unique destinations. The seemingly boundless mountains will give you a glance of its hidden gems. The thick foliage where a home of undiscovered adventures and the foothills of untouched beauty will tell you to go further. This week, we will explore what’s in those mountains en route bordering the city of Tanjay and the towns of Amlan and Pamplona in Negros Oriental. People were talking of this unique lagoon in the middle of the forests where I was thrilled to set foot.

Brgy Jantianon in Amlan though the farthest village in that area is not new to me as I’ve been there twice sometime in year 2016. Through the years, my third visit was somewhat a new experience. Further up the main Brgy of Jantianon, things and sights have changed. The road for instance has a huge development since my last visit. As I could remember, that part were unpaved on those times were the ones that made me think not to go again in the future. Now the way has been better, it was a smooth and scenic drive. The easy drive made me forget the way to Sitio Badiang, the jump off area to Naibid waterfalls.

The paving of the road up to its hinterland areas in Sitio Canete continues as there is still a long way to complete the road. What we are aiming that time is a lagoon in the middle of the wilderness bordering the towns of Amlan town, Pamplona and Tanjay City. Though its actually under Brgy Ling ab Tanjay City, the easiest way to get there is through Jantianon Amlan, and is geographically located behind Palaypay falls in Pamplona municipality.

“Asupre sa Maiti” as locals would call it is a lagoon where the waters is sulfuric in content. To name some similar destinations here in the province with the same character are Pulangbato falls in Valencia, the falls due to its reddish rocks is a sign of the natural chemical, if explored further the source which is hot in nature comes from a rock then adjoins the river. The nearby Palaypay falls is also sulfuric in nature of which I presume its sulfur properties is the same of that in this lagoon. Mainit falls in Dauin is also the same, the source which is continually explored by EDC has steaming hot water and an aggressive chemical odor, no wonder it reaches up to the highlands of Tanjay and Amlan, as it is widely distributed in nature specifically on volcanic regions.


We arrived at the jump off point for our vehicles, a sign welcomes us that we are at Brgy Ling-ab, under Tanjay City. The jump off point is situated in its satellite market built by OPAPP (Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process). The area is governed by the members of resettled community guided with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. If we could have arrived earlier that day, we could have witness how’s the grind it the market, unfortunately we arrived late morning. Anyways, we were asked on our purpose of the visit, then register our names on their logbook. There was no entrance fee collected as of now.







We were accompanied by a local resident from Jantianon Amlan whom we share a few friends in common and voluntarily guided us. From the satellite market, we walked through a forested area at about 1.2 kilometers, most of the portions of the trail are wet and murky. We followed him for at least 15 minutes or so. The sulfur lagoon is literally enclosed on mountains and woodland. The two native huts were a welcome sign from a distance that we have reached our destination.





There was no one when we arrive, and it means it will all by ourselves to explore. The lagoon has a clear tinge of blue waters where we could clearly see what’s underneath. The spring comes out on rocks, and when closely observed, it smells an assertive content of its waters. The community had to dig the surrounding the source to hold the water to create a basin before it flows directly to a channel. Though sulfuric, the water is extremely cold. Taking a dip was a must experience as the depth is measurable to swim.




The weather started to change in the highlands when we left the area. And before we turn back at usual route, our guide led us to its adjacent twin waterfalls. As you all know I always get excited whenever I hear of a waterfall destination. We made it to the river in less than 5 minutes; we descended a slope to the river where we could already notice the first waterfalls flowing on an average height. The second falls, which was only a few steps is concealed by rock canyons and will only be visible if you jump off to the water to have a clearer view. Without hesitation, I jump onto its waters then quickly made it to the bank. The rock canyons on both sides where somewhat a mixture of red and portions of black, mossy green, some white and brown. The water flows from huge boulders above it and some other rocks where stocked in between canyons. Wasn’t really the best view but I am always fascinated in it by any forms.






And so we left the falls wet. We hurriedly went back to the satellite market as fog slowly rolls out the forests. Our third stop to end our day is an old abandoned tunnel. Along our way to the tunnel we had to stopped on a small plateau, it has nothing but just a nice overlooking views of the lowlands, the ocean is in its usual form, the Cebu island was a steady sight, and the mountain sides north as far as Bais City.


A few meters away from the overlooking area, we stopped in a discreet way where the underground passage is situated. There was no sign and markings on its existence but on our way we noticed this some kind of ancient stone walls piled along the road, there were somewhat old structures abandoned for a long time. We descended quickly to the side down to its entrance. From our entry point we could see a domed patch of light to the other end. Actually both ends can be an entry point or otherwise the exit point. The Benguet Mining Tunnel measures around 340 meters long and can be explored from end to end. In relation with the sulfur areas, this tunnel were once used as a passageway among miners in the late 1950’s were minerals are heavily mined. We slowly walked through its darkness never losing the sight of the other end. There is an echoing silence inside; we could clearly hear the droplets from side to side, and the sound of our steps and stops. There were couple of bats flying over its darkness, and hoping not to stumble on a resting reptile in the ground. We made it to the other end, which serves as a window to the other overlooking view; the mountains on that side were a sight of abundant greens and its jungle. The composition of the tunnel definitely tells a history on its operations way back then.







80573570_3921578621201182_4962733345004847104_o (1)




We ended the day by just halting a few minutes to some overlooking zones while enjoying the highlands under its shades, we drove along rivers where I am always curious of what’s waiting up there, and we’ve learned locale stories so as interesting things to do.

Just when I thought I’ve seen almost the destinations in Amlan, these were added on our conquered lists. There could be more. Do you know any interesting spot in your area? We’d like to know, drop down in the comment section and together we will discover more.

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Kang-iroy falls: Valencia,Negros Oriental

It was a grateful weekend collaborating with an all-star team who are equally passionate on discovering new places. Surrounded by friendly and thrill seeking community, going to the unknown to experience new is something I’d love to do.

Kinaiyahan Outdoor Society or Negros Tarzans are group of individuals routinely engage in outdoor activities whether it’s climbing summits to river trekking, stand by a waterfall or jump to river pools. They are adventurers who loves the trill of risky trails, at the same time exploring the jungles hidden gem.

This week is a new experience and new acquaintance as we team up with their group. Our destination is undetermined, we just have to trail around with them wherever it leads us to an interesting spot. Surely, we will end up on a waterfall.

Our unknown destination simply means somewhere taking a different route. Somewhere all of us haven’t been to. But for some reason some of the most memorable and exciting experiences can happen in places that you otherwise wouldn’t know as wandering often entails with exploring places and exposing yourself to different circumstances.

From left to right: Wendell Tubat,Thata Pajunar,Juns Quitoy ,Rudix Austero,Jomar Sarita,Me,Troy Teramoto,Dodoi Jose,Marvie Waro,AF Aragones

While waiting for others, we started out buying local products at farmers market in Valencia town Plaza. With a bunch of options for consumption, the bustling space is occupied with buyers and stand of any kind of fruits, vegetables, cooked and baked products, local delicacies, dry goods, clothings, ukay-ukay, toys, ornamentals and many more. Making sure we don’t starve in the woodland, we bought light foods vital for energy source.

Our hike begins at the Casaroro entry point following the Apolong trail straight up to the twin waterfalls. While everyone was familiar with the route, we are able to reach our initial destinations on a fair pace. Coping up with seasoned guides, the climb were somewhat very fun and a barrel of laugh all throughout. Jun, our lead guide and the rest of his group positively turned our tedious experience to a humorous one.

With the dramatic changes of weather conditions in the mountains, and mostly unpredictable, we ascended on a fair sky condition. About a kilometer from the jump off, it went gloomy, then fog ascends, until it rained. With low temperatures in the mountains, precipitation would likely happen.

Tip: for amateur climbers, always be prepared for any weather characteristics, bring extra light clothes, seal electronic gadgets in a water proof compartment.

We continued the climb inspite of the heavy downpour, nothing cease the climb inspite of our soaking clothes and a drenched shoes. Somehow we arrive the guardhouse on our desired timetable. Took some rest and consumed our food.

For the fifth time, it is always a pleasure seeing an old friend just a few minutes from the guardhouse. Never miss the chance to watch again the twin waterfalls. But that day was different, seeing her in full glory was rare and extraordinary.

Its enormous drop of the waterfalls reminds us of a flight of a flapping birds. In fact, it was originally named Naglupad falls. Naglupad in local dialect means “to take flight” or “to fly” , like that of a bird in particular. Its twin falls on the other hand were originally named Kang-Iroy, history tells that the first person who found this waterfalls was Iroy, thus named Kang-Iroy falls. This is where we are heading, we will climb up to Kang-Iroy to see if there are other attractions up there.

Then we took a remote trail en route to Kang-iroy river system, climbing up to an unestablished way behind plenty of trees and bushes. There were struggles as we deal with a very slippery ground. It sort of feels like an exotic jungle of nowhere, where reeds, bamboo, tall trees, woody plants and shrubs all around will take us down to a rocky shelf and finally on the rivers shoreline.

68528642_2774067199289166_4357007119338176512_nThe stream was quite shallow so were able to walk across it. We waded through its waters of about 10 minutes or so when we reach an elevated rocky part of which the waters were distributed on both sides. Unsatisfied of what we saw, we continued exploring above. Had to climb a narrow hole at the other end under huge boulders and a flowing water. Laughing and talking never stops in their good company amidst climbing trouble and awkwardness.

River trek continues at about five minutes when we had a glimpse another waterfall. We gathered around the base, and some settles a sign of relief seeing one of the falls in Kang-Iroy. The water drops on a not so high rock shelter and plunges to a shallow pool. Pleased this time, Jun assesses of a possible way through up, eventually the group decided to just come back next time around and explore more upstream, then we ended a group photo.

Group photo by Thata Pajunar

Certainly, it was a fun-filled day with loads of laugh and new escapade. We look forward of teaming up again with them for future wanders, after all, Life was made for good friends and great adventure. Cheers to upcoming days filled with sunny skies, climbing mountains and unlimited adventures.

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Prayer Mountain and Pinikpikan Peak-Malaunay,Valencia Negros Oriental

A foggy adjacent mountain Brgy viewed from Sitio Salantikon,Brgy Malaunay

If you don’t find me in my office desk, I am probably on a beach, if you don’t find me on the beach, I am likely running a marathon event, If I’m not on a running event, I am at the mountains. I am that person who works regularly on a corporate sphere and frequently wander on weekends or engaging into strenuous run. This has been my usual routine to keep myself busy, Work-Home-Run-Wander (repeat).

The municipality of Valencia, being mostly has elevated areas and the closest respite destination from Dumaguete is my usual landing place on unplanned day trips. Unwilling to drive long away from the city this week, two mountain summits I aim to reach en route to Brgy Malaunay.

Short on climbing skills? Enroutenegros is bringing you to this beginner level mountains almost anyone can climb.


1.Prayer Mountain-Sitio Salantikon

This mountain peak was discovered to have a solemn location by a religious group where they do some devotion early morning. It has an easy trail of about 3 to 5 minutes from the jump off area. No wonder the simple path to summit became a favorite of weekend hikers and rookie climbers alike. The first part of the trail before ascending is just like a walk in the park. Rest assured visitors will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views.







Entrance fee: 0.00000000000

Parking fee: Any amount


2.Pinikpikan Peak-Sitio Balantian


This neighboring summit is about 5 minute drive from the Prayer Mountain situated in Sitio Balantian. Though not as much known to many compared to Prayer Mountain, the topmost area offers the same spectacular views. The hike though takes longer and more challenging than the other one. Although some parts of the trail are steep, they are not considered very difficult. Your efforts will be rewarded with a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding. Aside from Pinikpikan, the Balantian swamp is also somewhere a good spot to hang out. This is a perfect place to spend a day in the mountains together with your family or friends. Visitors may opt to camp in the area.










Entrance: 0.000000000000


In Negros, rookie-friendly peaks are everywhere. Let’s start slow and low, with these beginner level mountain summits can give you a taste of what climbing expert-level mountain feels. If you are reasonably fit, you don’t necessarily need to have years of mountain climbing experience to summit some of Negros mountains.With the rise of exploring places, people are now more engage on outdoor activities, whether it’s a picnic, a bike ride, an overnight camping or hike in the mountains, let us not forget the outdoor ethics on promoting the conservation of our environment. LEAVE NO TRACE!