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Villa Marmarine Resort-Siquijor


Sometime in 2011, my first occasion in Siquijor were merely sightseeing. We hired a tricycle driver to tour us around the island. Our tour includes a visit to the major attractions and some resorts in the province. En route to town proper of Siquijor as we headed our way back to the seaport terminal to catch the last ferry trip to Dumaguete,our driver/guide drove us to this resort.

We immediately proceed to the reception area,bought a detailed map of the province and gave a quick look at the location.

Resort Location:


The resort was filled with serenity, the drifting of the seas was tranquil along the white sand beach front on that hot and humid weather.I thought this is a good place for a break,and spend a period away from home to relax.


Earlier this year, I arranged three bookings, two of those reservation were made online but I failed to show up, due to bad weather, I was not permitted to travel and that I should cancel. The last attempt was two months ago which was supposedly an early check in. I arrive in their resort as a walk in guest at 8 o’clock in the morning . While it was not a peak season, I thought I could easily get a room without any appointment online.

At that hour, I was surprise that the rest of the rooms were occupied and the only room they can offer was non-air con. So I waited on their reception area as the house cleaners were preparing the room. Until such time that I noticed the cleaning takes so long.


Villa Marmarine is owned and managed by a Japanese national Toshito Harada who was once an elementary school teacher and been an active volunteer of Red Cross for many years. No wonder he is close to the people in that area and been helping local children. It was interesting to know that 10% of their sales are used for education of children in Siquijor. I was talking to their receptionist when I saw him(Toshito) and he greeted me with a smile. The resort was completely very quiet. A foreign guest settled on one of the tables while reading his book in front of the building, on the other end of the beach I saw some Koreans sun bathing.


While waiting, I looked around the resort and the appearance where the same I saw four years ago, though the two villas constructed before were now completely operational and inhabited.


I came back to the person at the reception and the room is sadly not yet ready, that moment I lost my patience and I don’t want to wait for another thirty minutes.


Unfortunately, I did not ended up of staying in their good resort but probably next time with proper plans and ahead reservations. Another lesson learned.

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contact them: Telephone – 035 480 9167

mobile: 09194659370