The province of Siquijor was once part of Negros Oriental for a long time (1854-1892), became a sub-province in 1901,and gained as an independent province on September 17,1971. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor.

In terms of population and land area (338.5 square kilometres), the island is considered the third smallest province in Philippine archipelago.

Siquijor has a continuing character of attracting tourist and visitors, a place of magic and tranquillity, attest of historical landmarks and a distinguished paradise.

Now let us check on some of the interesting things in the capital of Siquijor.

1.The Siquijor port has been an important entry point of RORO vessels ,fast craft and other marine crafts coming from neighbouring cities of Dumaguete, Cebu and Bohol. The white sand coastline along the port entices visitors to discover what more the island could offer.

2.St.Francis of Assisi Church. This heritage church welcomes visitors from the entryway to Siquijor town . The church walls marks the marvel history this church.

3.Mt. Bandilaan National Park

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