The town of Lazi(formerly Tigbawan) in Siquijor is located between the towns of San Juan and Maria lying southeast side of the province. The town can easily be reached either passing national highway from San Juan or Maria.

In Poblacion area,the town maintains two of the province significant historic structure, officially recognized by National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The community’s tangible past through these landmarks preserves the community’s historical culture and complexity.

1.San Isidro Labrador Parish Church or Lazi church was built in 1884 by Filipino artisans followed by the bell tower in the following year.The church and the convent nearby were done under the direction of recollect priest Father Toribio Sánchez. It was declared a National cultural treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines, a historical landmark by the national historical commission of the Philippines and was nominated as part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Philippines under the Baroque churches of our country.


2.Lazi Convent measures at a dimension of 42 metres (138 ft) by 38 metres (125 ft) and is considered one of the oldest and biggest convents in the country and in Asia built during Spanish era.The construction of the convent was made with coral stones and hardwood, commenced in 1887 and completed in 1891. Both the church and the convent were done under the direction of recollect priest Father Toribio Sánchez.



Aside from these aesthetical and cultural landmarks other interesting attractions en route to this town are the following:

3.Cambugahay Falls in Lazi is one of the most popular destinations in the island. The falls has three major tiers.The turquoise-colored catching basins invites visitor to a refreshing swim.

4.Lazi Balete Tree.This fig tree is believed to be a 400-plus year-old which is considered by the locals to be enchanted to this day and the oldest and the biggest in the province.


5.Crocodiles Hill. En route to our way going to Maria town, our guide stopped somewhere in Lazi and pointed to the spot where a crocodile shaped hill can be found. At the end of the hill is an excavation activity of mineral deposits in the area.


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