Maria is situated on the eastern side of Siquijor Island amid the towns of Enrique Villanueva and Lazi. The well paved national road that runs along eastern side will take you directly to town proper.

Please Refer to google map above

Our clothes were still wet as we leave the town of Lazi and as we were driving our way entering to the next town of Maria. We were like children then as we were frolicking ourselves in the waters of Cambugahay waterfall.

The road going to Maria town was free of difficulties, there was no traffic or road improvements, making our run a smooth one. I know very well where we are heading next this time so I was paying a close attention to a sign en route the national road directing us to this two secluded beach areas.

1.Salagdoong Forest Reserve.

Before reaching Salagdoong Beach, each visitor will pass through a tunnel of man-made molave trees which is considered one the largest man made molave forest in southeast asia with a total area of 202.15 hectares covered by 80 hectares.

2.Salagdoong Beach Resort


a.Hotel Agripino.This hotel is a government-owned facility.

3.Kagusuan Beach

Kagusuan is a pristine piece of beach found in a secluded area to Brgy.Minalulan in the town of Maria. This public beach offers a good spot of peace and serenity as the area is untroubled with beach resorts and tourist.


4. Bacong Beach

5.Talisay Beach


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