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Cabuag falls:Sitio Lunoy,Brgy Kalumboyan, Bayawan City,Negros Oriental

75262075_3692853307407049_568872279530799104_oGoing beyond the usual attraction in Bayawan, the hinterlands of Brgy Kalumboyan sorrounds a vegetation of untouched woodland,crawling mountains,connecting rivers,greenfields,farming life,laid back community, sun and the silence. While some will take you straight down the mountains,we found ourselves following a rough trail and panoramic views of the outback leading to Cabuag waterfalls.




Brgy Kalumboyan has vast fields of land utilization to farming. Most of the citizens in this rural areas sustain their daily needs through agriculture. And while agriculture here in our country is highly labor intensive, plowing is still done by water buffalo. The connecting river streams on the other hand were useful for aquaculture and raising livestock. The abundance of water in the area benefits the green paddy fields were mostly being grown.

At some point, we found ourselves enjoying the lack of noise. People here decided to forge a life with silence, why not? We can live in the wild like our ancestors did and invisible in the city.


We took the road less traveled and navigated a winding path like a local within an hour or so. While we leisurely walk behind agricultural scenes of the village we never loss the sight of a distant natural attraction viewed from a far. The closer were heading the lofty it is viewed.Down its craggy and rugged stream,waters were incredibly clear featuring some inviting natural pools.











Then we were dwarfed of the astounding Cabuag falls.Not the volume we expected but the soaring height makes it the tallest in Bayawan to date.Finally wrapping our visit of listening to the gentle fall of its waters while watching the rain catching up in the mid air, as we temporarily find shelters under the canopy of a rock formation.

Photo by Klydie Quindo


Photo by Klydie Quindo














Location:Sitio Lunoy,Brgy Kalumboyan,Bayawan,Negros Oriental

Guide: MP KLydie Quindo

Lourdes Falls-Bayawan


Lourdes falls was introduced to me by a Filipino Chinese friend who lives in Bayawan City. Approximately 100 kms(62 mi) south of Dumaguete, the city of Bayawan is a first class component city. I have lived in Negros for 28 years and this is the farthest I’ve visited so far on the southern area. The city streets were incredibly clean, several banks I’ve seen, the city’s long stroll of beach and boulevard is very inviting for unwind and sunset watching.


Bayawan is largely an agricultural city and considered the “Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental”.Evident along terrains of the city are considerable wide rice fields and farmlands.

Bus fare from Dumaguete to Bayawan – P 120.00(one way)

Travel time : 2 hours

The bus dropped me on a junction were motorbike for hire(habal-habal) was stationed. At once, I approached a driver and ended a deal. He will be my driver, my guide and my photographer in this trip. Hehe.Lourdes falls is situated on the mountaneous area en route to Brgy. Narra. We drove our way to the area at around 40 minutes or so. Good thing it wasn’t rainy that day,if it was, our vehicle could have been stucked in some muddy areas. Some parts are not yet paved with cement.

Habal-habal fare to Lourdes falls – P 150.00 (one way)

Drop off point is near a bridge with overflowing water. My guide/driver/photographer says we are going the easiest way, from top then descend on a hill to the bottom, another way is by harness from top all the way down, but we can’t risk that, we don’t have any apparatus for that, the other option he says is the farthest so I opted to choose on the first one. From the drop off point, I could hear an exceptional volume and intensity of its dropping waters.

At the summit of the falls we followed the stream, finding the established path.My God! My knees where trembling-not for excitement but filled with apprehension as I was watching the waters from atop. I followed my driver/guide/photographer as he finds the way down.Shesh! the way beaten down was really steep and narrow, I couldn’t afford to take a wrong step so I slowly but surely move downward.


Now I understand what my friend had told me that getting there is difficult,even my driver/guide/photographer required an effort to reach the bottom,there were several narrow passages and trails we followed leading to nowhere and deadend, from narrow,to narrower to narrowest. My guide found a safe spot where we could watch the falls and my jaw dropped upon seeing the falls, it was majestic.

From that spot, we found another way to the very bottom near the base of the falls, we have to grasp firmly on wet roots to reach the bottom. Huge,very slippery and wet boulders are on both sides. ,We only stayed a few minutes,the surrounding aura was just different I’ve been to,the waters were like blowing me away,if wed stay longer we will be completely wet. This is a worthy short visit, it was difficult and tough slope but reaching the falls was like effortless.


I was excited to look on the photos which my driver/guide/photographer took,and all of the results he took are the same.nyaha.see above photo.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the basin, very strong current.