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Lugnason Falls-San Juan,Siquijor


This post is part of our tour in Siquijor together with a travel pal from Cebu and two locals.Our two companions should have been our guide to the falls but it turned out the opposite way as they were following us heading to the falls. 😀

Lugnason falls is situated to uphill area en route to Brgy. Napo in San Juan town. This waterfall is not much known in the province unlike the larger Cambugahay falls in Lazi so it is better to ask directions from the locals.

How to get there:

Coco Grove Resort should be your recognizable landmark. A paved way facing the opposite side of Coco groves entrance will be your starting point going to uphill area to Bgy.Napo. Travel time by motorbike is around ten minutes.

There are visible feature that stands out along the way letting you know if you’re in Brgy.Napo and eventually to Lugnason.

Vehicles may park at the entrance of the waterfalls then follow a path downhill to its location.


Lugnason is just a typical waterfall actually, the basin has a man-made swimming pool. If you’re into bathing then this might be a nice spot for you.