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Luparan Falls-Tanjay City


My mother was originally born and raised in Tanjay City, 30 kilometers away north of Dumaguete City. They lived in one of the hinterland Barangay of Pal-ew. It’s been a very long time I haven’t visited their place. As far as I could remember, my last visit was when I’m at aged 4 or 5 I think. Rugged areas can also be found en route to Barangays Bahi-an and Sta. Cruz Nuevo where Luparan falls is situated. Due to its distance, this waterfall is rarely promoted among locals. As a matter of fact, when I talked to the drivers of motorbikes for hire(habal-habal), they were hesitant.

Bus fare Dumaguete to Palanas,Tanjay – P 44.00

Habal-habal fare from Palanas to Pulang Yuta – P 150.00

How did I get there:

I rode a bus from Dumaguete to Palanas Tanjay and informed the driver to dropped me at Sta.Cruz Viejo Elementary School to be exact.Motorbikes for rent are stationed at the waiting sheds outside the school.

I haggled on one of the drivers and ended a fair price. He will drive and accompany me to and from Luparan Falls. Drop off point for vehicles will be at Pulang Yuta area, it is the fastest route we will take according to some locals we asked.

A few kilometers away from national highway, the road starts to be rough. Now I understand why most of the drivers hesitate to drive in there. I was holding firmly on both sides of the motorbike as it was seriously a very rough and rocky road. We passed through sugarcane and corn fields. Running at around 50-60 km/s on rocky road is very hard but to these drivers it was just a normal mileage for them. I can’t help to be anxious but I take my hat off to this drivers for transporting the commuters safely.

Pulang Yuta is an area which literally means “Red Soil”. I know we are already in the area as I see the presence of red colored soil on some eroded areas and slopes. We paused on a house which I supposed my driver knows some residents in the area. We saw three children in the house and ask directions going to Luparan. We were lucky that the children knows the way but they were also hesitant to guide us because it’ll be a long walk. We went at the back of their house as they pointed the spot of the falls.


these brothers will be our guide:D

From the back of their house I can tell that it would really be a long walk. We convinced the two children to come with us, as we followed them downward. The first kilometer was fine, we passed a few houses; there were goats along the route, there were carabaos, swine and even horses freely roaming around. I just could imagine how is life living on the hinterlands, all I see are mountains, neighbors are far and away. I don’t think I can live in there.


We slowly followed the two brothers until we found a stream of water; I believed it came from the waterfalls. We followed the waters further to the innermost part between mountains until we finally heard the flowing waters of Luparan. The falls has a relatively stunning great height. The flowing waters was a smooth one. It was past 12 already when we reach at the bottom of the falls. We found another way of going back to the place where we left the motorbike, we followed a human track going up, and that was the hardest part of the journey. It was really a very long walk, it was like an unending climb over slopes, and I was catching my breath every time we reach a resting place. That was the toughest trek I’ve been.


I gave 50 pesos for our guide.

Travel Tip:

1. As much as possible,negotiate with a driver who knows the way to Luparan falls or the fastest way to go there.

2.Bring bottled water and some snacks as necessary.

3.Anyone should follow the path carefully and slowly, the way was really very steep.

4.Not advisable to go there during rainy days.