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Mantapi Falls-Bayawan City


Mantapi falls of Bayawan was on my planned route after Lourdes falls in Brgy. Narra. This city is predominantly has a hilly terrain and has very rich in water resources coming from its four major rivers.

As an agricultural city, its vast lands are utilized mostly with rice plantation. En route to Brgy.Nangka, the surrounding areas has wide paddy fields. Actually, the waters of Mantapi falls has served as the fountainhead and is distributed throughout the wet fields around the community of Nangka where rice is mostly grown.


The dispensation from the water source to the community is done amidst an irrigation system. In the same manner, the easiest way of going to the falls is to follow the irrigation channel.

By all means, it was a long walk. We followed the channel at around 30 minutes or so. The river stream has a fascinating color of somewhat blue and a tinge of green.

Mantapi falls is actually a series of waterfalls consisting of 7 layers.

Mantapi falls-level 1 and my guide

The first level has a roaring volume of water and sound. The surrounding rocks were sharp and slippery so very slowly I followed my guide as he climbs up to the second level.

Mantapi falls-level 2

The second to fourth level has a larger swimming basin.

Mantapi falls-levels 3 and 4

The third level still has an enormous but a shorter downpour, while the fourth level is already visible from third tier.

Mantapi falls-level 4

Unfortunately, I did not reach from fifth to topmost level. The trek is getting harder and steeper, the way up is getting narrower and limited. I shall return next time around with extra stamina to discover what grace lies behind up there.