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Revisit:Niludhan Falls-Bayawan

20150628_114446This is a post of what I have promised of coming back to niludhan falls in Bayawan city. As I suggest in visiting this falls, it is better to make a stopover there during monsoon season,where a huge volume of water drops at 25 meters wide and 40 meters high. As of posting, there is no entrance fee to the falls. Although Niludhan is part of Bayawan, a shorter way of going the falls is thru Mabinay en route to Brgy.Dawis.

This is my second occasion here so I exactly know where I would go, road is still rough and rocky. I took the same route the last time when I went here. From Dumaguete I drive my way north until Bais,then proceed to Mabinay town. Detailed page of the direction to niludhan falls thru Mabinay town https://enroutenegros.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/niludhan-falls-bayawannegros-oriental/

The weather was gloomy that weekend so I hurriedly went there as I see the sky forming somewhat dark clouds and looks like about to rain. Of course anyone should also look into ones safety specially during rainy seasons. River streams could just rise up in a few minutes.

From the entrance I could hear an emphatic drop of the waters. I was delighted to see her again.




Niludhan Falls-Bayawan,Negros Oriental

dscf1105Niludhan Falls of Bayawan City,Negros Oriental is approximately 43 kilometers away from city proper. It lies in Brgy. Dawis en route to Bayawan-Mabinay road. Due to its distance and dry season which results too low humidity and rivers drying up, I was hesistant to visit the falls. Nevertheless, I was very eager to appoint a visit the falls before March 2015 ends.

As I was packing my stuff a night before my rest day, I checked the Google Maps for possible route directions to the falls, but still a zero result I got. As i was watching the map, I noticed a route connecting the municipality of Mabinay and Bayawan City. Correspondingly, I searched for possible detailed directions and alternative way to Niludhan Falls. A very helpful travel journal ( http://www.roamingcouple.com ) I found on my search with directions going to Niludhan via Mabinay. Although Niludhan falls is part of Bayawan City, a shorter and alternative way of finding it is passing through Mabinay.

How to get there:

From Dumaguete city bus terminal, take a bus bound to the town of Mabinay. Make sure to inform the ticket man or driver to drop you at Paniabonan junction. Bus fare is P130.00.

nilud1Our bus left the terminal at 8:10 ETD. Travel time by public transport runs about an hour and a half to two hours or more. If your driving your own vehicle, a shorter travel time will take you there.

nilud5Ongoing road improvements and renovations are still in progress on some parts of Bais-Mabinay road to allow an ease travel by some conveyance.

Note: Drive carefully and observe road signs. Winding roads,stock piles and descending curves ahead the way.

At 10:30 ETA when I was dropped at Paniabonan Mabinay junction. From that junction, another bus you need to ride but you need to wait for an hour or more interval, like on my case, as I arrived at 10:30 am, the next bus was scheduled to pass at 12:00 noon,that bus will pass towards Brgy. Pantao and then Brgy. Dawis where Niludhan Falls is situated.

If you don’t want to wait an hour for scheduled bus, then another option is to ride a motorbike for hire(habal-habal). They demand P200.00 for single commuter, P100.00/pax for double-one way only. I ended up a P350.00 deal with the driver back and forth.

nilud3It was already past 11 when I reached Niludhan falls. Such pain in my ass on board an old vehicle over an uneven, rocky, bumpy, dusty and rugged thoroughfare. I enjoyed the ride though, all I can see are sugar canes and sugarcane fields around.

We headed our way back to Paniabonan, it was about quarter to 12 when we arrive. So I went in a nearby canteen for my lunch.

As I am ready for my next itinerary, I ride my way to Mabinay proper through public jeep, it cost me P10.00 to move there.


Mabinay Natural Spring is just a walking distance from town proper and so does Mabinay Spring to Mabinay falls. I went first to Mabinay falls following the directions told by a local.The falls is situated at the back of Mabinay Central School. A 60 meters of swinging hanging bridge connecting Brgy.Bato and Poblacion can be seen after passing a forest. But visitors shouldn’t pass the bridge, I walked at around 5 minutes following a small human trail to my right. Unfortunately, the water dries up and a student said that it will back during rainy season.From the bottom I could just imagine the grace of the falls. Nevertheless, I will be back some other time this year.

nilud14The Mabinay Natural Spring on the other hand is a favorite spot among locals in Mabinay to cool down, no wonder as I went inside the area and paid P10.00 for the entrance,mabiyanons flock here for picnics and get together. They also host visitors for overnight accomodation,activities like zipline and kayaking. Amenities include bonfire area,cottages with chairs for rent,pavilion,shower room,boardwalk,camping ground.


For reservations and inquiries please contact these numbers

Where to stay:


Mabinay Hotel Terminal Complex

Address:Poblacion,Mabinay Negros Oriental

Suite Rooms(2 pax)——————P 1,500.00

-Air conditioned

-free wifi

-free TV

-free swimming pool

additional person……P150.00

Dormitory type(14 pax)—————-P150.00

-wall fan

-free wifi

-free tv at lobby

Convention hall

1st 4 hours—————P5,000.00

succeeding hour——–P1,000.00