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Bugsok Twin falls-Mabinay


Bugsok falls was on my itinerary when I visited Niludhan Falls via Mabinay town. But due to time shortage I decided to just appoint a visit some other time. Since I don’t have much information on how to get to Bugsok Falls, I keep searching on possible travel blogs online, but failed to find one. Pictures were my only link and reference. With very limited information, I uploaded a single photo and saved on my phone. All I know was that it lies on the mountainous area en route to Brgy.BanBan.

Mabinay is around 87 kilometers away from Dumaguete City and situated in the central part of Negros Island.



From Dumaguete I drove my way to Mabinay town. Travel time was less than two hours.

Upon arriving at Mabinay Bus terminal I immediately asked two locals where do I find Bugsok Falls, but to my surprise, they don’t know :D. I went further around their market looking for any sign or directions how to get to Brgy.BanBan and interestingly found a tourism tarp with Bugsok twin falls printed on it, the print is barely to seen if you would not look closely at it, the prints are losing its paint and the material printed seems to be outdated.

The locals directed me to a secluded area of Brgy. BanBan and it was a tough ride, the wet road makes it even harder for my motorbike for conveyance. I was not sure if I’m going the exact path as I do not see any sign heading to the falls. The people I asked were kind and helpful enough with the directions.

The search took me long as I went to the wrong way as I find myself driving in a rice field, worst scenario when my motorbike fell and stock on a muddy surface. Then there were two men heading my way and offered help in moving my motorbike, another way of thanking them.

The two men who helped me earlier pointed me where I could leave my motorbike. From that point, I could hear its streams and flowing water but no idea of where it is and where to go. There were few human tracks that I followed but the end thereof leads to nowhere and downhill. The sloping ground was planted with corn and various root crops. I slowly moved and went further to catch a sight of a noticeable sound of its waters.


And from a distance, I saw a sight that filled me with awe and reverence, the raw beauty of its environment was astounding. So I made my own way from top to the bottom of the slope. There was no one in the area. Such a sight to behold.




Casaroro Falls-Valencia,Negros Oriental

dscf0785Tagged as the most photographed falls in the province,Casaroro Falls should be included in your bucket list if you happen to visit and travel Negros Oriental.The single veil of the water drops at around 100 meters in height,plunges into a deep cold basin.The fascinating grace of this attraction lies in the steep and rugged ridge in the town of Valencia en route to secluded Sitio in Brgy.Apolong.

How to get there:

From any point of Dumaguete city, ride your way west with less than an hour travel.Public jeeps(can accommodate at least 28 passengers) are a common transportation among commuters heading to Valencia town (P12.00/person).


Passengers will be dropped around Valencia Town Plaza.I took some photos and a short leisure walk throughout, since it was Sunday, the public place was lively, with farmers market and church goers gather in the area.


Going there would require trekking so I loaded my stomach a breakfast. I ask the canteen owner on where I could hire a habal-habal(motorbike) and how much should I pay going to the falls. She told me some settles for 150 even 200 but she says it should be 100 pesos one way. She recommended a driver and I settled 200 pesos back and forth.

In less than 30 minutes,we arrived at the entrance, a few part of the road are bumpy and uneven.


A 10 pesos entrance fee is collected for each visitor.The area is poised with tranquility as we begin counting 335 steps going down. Lush green rain forest surrounded with abundant wild trees and plants providing shades in the area,I hear birds tweet,chirping bush crickets and a current of water in the stream banks flowing.


Upon reaching at the bottom of the stairs, treking and hiking begins. A hanging bridge with a viewing deck was constructed previous years but was washed out by typhoon Sendong and made even worse by typhoon Pablo.

casa6 casa7 casa8

From the dismantled viewing deck I could hear the roaring drop of the water as it falls at about 100 meters. Such a sight of this secluded grace in this mighty falls from a distance.


The climate that day was favorable so I opted to come closer to the falls. The chilly water was enticing but I didn’t go for a swim. This is a worth visit after an uphill and downhill trek,670 steps and a rocky trail.